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    -          You must register before you can place any order. This step is only necessary the first time. The password you use to view the models ( facilitated by ZAPATOS ELCHE ) is not valid for online orders.

    -          Once you have been given a username (your e-mail) and password that enables you to place online orders and you can enter them to view the models too. An icon will appear "add to order” under each photo. When you click on the icon, all the colours and sizes in stock will appear. You only need to fill in the sizes you want to order and click on "confirm”.

    -          These will automatically go to the ‘order form’

    -          Repeat the action for all the models you want to order. At any time you can change the sizes you have requested, either via the order form or the model displayed in the samples.

    -          When you have finished adding models, go to the bottom of the ‘order form’ where you will see a "purchase procces” button. Clicking on this button will send your order to us. When we have finished preparing your purchase, you will be notified by email of the goods that have been prepared (this email includes an estimate of the shipping costs).

    -          You will be able to review your order (you will also be given the option of modifying the order if you think it is necessary). When you are completely satisfied with the information, click on the button to "confirm the order”. 

    -          After you have confirmed your order, different payment options will appear on the screen:  Bank transfer or credit/debit card payment.

    -          As soon as we have received the payment, you will immediately be sent the goods.



    Step 1: register as a customer on line and send you the information needed to order.

    Step 2: acces to catalog and select quickly models to request, with all it colors and numbering available.

    Step 3: complete the order and send the information on availability of your order.

    Step 4: check what we have in your order, modify it or accept it.

    Step 5: once accepted, make a payment order with any of the payment methods we offer (transfer, credit card and refund).

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